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James Hughes

Visionary Leader and Founder of Dove Gospel – Multinational

James Hughes is an esteemed leader and founder of Dove Gospel – Multinational, a collective of organizations committed to providing essential care in third-world countries. He actively participates in events and speaking engagements to promote support for these regions.

Dove Gospel – Multinational, under his guidance, has expanded globally with over 2,500 church registrations and nearly 2,400 pastoral staff members. He also established the Office of Emc. James Hughes to enhance communication and coordination within the network.

James is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and believes in universal access to care and support. His unwavering dedication has positively impacted countless lives worldwide, making him a beacon of service and compassion.

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DG Multi

James Hughes leads a global network dedicated to spreading the gospel and providing vital support in third-world countries through churches, charities, hospitals, and educational facilities.


“Emc. James Hughes” blends faith, leadership, and outreach into thirty minutes. Each episode delves into spiritual insights, inspiring stories, and practical wisdom, guiding listeners in integrating faith into action.

United Nations

James Hughes collaborates with HWPL, and through this, has become connected with the United Nations’ communications and social arms, furthering his mission of spreading Christianity’s message of peace and unity on a global scale.


The Office of Emc. James Hughes operates globally, ensuring swift and effective response to emerging matters within our network. This office is pivotal in maintaining the efficiency and coherence of our worldwide initiatives and engagements.


Sydney, Australia

T: (02) 909 88 369



Medway, Great Brittian

T: (01) 618 844 314

E: (Internal)


Oregon, United States

T: (253) 8817 990

E: (Internal)

Kampala, Uganda

T: (Internal)

E: (Internal)

Contact via: SYD or USA.